Tolstraat Amsterdam

Tolstraat Amsterdam is a unique short-stay solution for seniors and others who need light care for shorter periods of time. Tolstraat Amsterdam offers a safe place for people to stay, for guests who need temporary care away from home. Guests may be recovering after a hospital visit, or they may need a place to stay because their at-home caretaker – often a spouse or other family member – is away. Or maybe they just need a short break, but having some level of care is important for them, or necessary.

Located in the Pijp neighbourhood in central Amsterdam, Tolstraat Amsterdam offers the kind of care you would normally receive from family, friends, or your neighbours. You can sleep, eat and drink with us, and we offer true hospitality and a friendly, neighbourly environment. Come try us out, and see for yourself.

You will find more information about our Tolstraat Amsterdam short-stay home HERE.